Promoting sustainable development, through science and technology

Improve competitiveness, increase productivity and promote environmental protection


Sustainable Technical Solutions

Drives positive change through practical knowledge, contributing to technological development and technology transfer.


Expert guidance

Access world-class consulting, technical advice, training and data analysis for impactful results.


Socio-environmental Approach

Support for the development of investments and the promotion of initiatives for sustainable growth and well-being.

A catalyst for sustainable development

Who we are

Corporación Efinético, a leading non-profit scientific research center, facilitates access to technology and knowledge to promote sustainable development actions in companies and with public entities. Its services include consulting, policy formulation, strategic development, training, data analysis, technology transfer and socio-environmental initiatives.

Driven by the belief that technology can transform lives, Corporación Efinético was founded to bridge the gap between technology and sustainable development. By providing expert guidance and driving initiatives, they seek to create a world where everyone has access to technology for a better future.

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Driving a sustainable future

Areas of Expertise

Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer integral solutions to companies, public entities and communities that seek:

Reduce your energy consumption and improve your efficiency

We implement strategies to optimize energy use in all sectors, from industry and transportation to buildings and agriculture.

Optimize your processes and reduce your environmental impact

We develop innovative solutions to minimize waste, improve air and water quality, and promote the circular economy.

Harnessing renewable energies

We help companies and communities integrate renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power into their operations, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.

Knowledge of environmental and energy regulations

We provide advice and assistance for companies and public entities to comply with current environmental and energy standards and regulations.

Exploring emerging technologies

We research and evaluate the latest technologies that have the potential to transform the energy sector and contribute to sustainable development.

Navigating energy markets

We offer analysis and strategies for companies and public entities to make informed decisions in a complex and constantly evolving energy market.

Join us in the quest for knowledge and innovation

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Partner organizations

Inspiring stories

Discover real stories of change and impact in the lives of people and companies.

Sustainable infrastructure development

Client: OBC Partners
Problem: Lack of sustainable development practices.
Objectives: Implement green infrastructure, reduce environmental impact. Results: Implementation of sustainable practices, reduced carbon footprint and increased corporate social responsibility.

Agricultura sostenible

Empowering rural communities

Client: Agricultural producers community.
Problem: Lack of access to technology and energy in rural areas.
Objectives: Closing the digital divide, empowering communities.
Results: Enable access to technology, improve quality of life and sustainable economic growth in rural communities.

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Join us in creating a sustainable future

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