Renewable receive impulse from the ANLA

Decree 2462 of December 28, 2018-reduces license procedure for renewable energies

This Decree eliminates the procedure for the presentation of the environmental diagnosis of alternatives (DAA) for renewable projects. The licensing process (DAA) for renewable energy projects with an installed capacity greater than ten (10) MW is considered unnecessary.

With the decision, it is aimed at the goal of the President of the Republic, Ivan Duque, which is to raise at least 10% the participation of this type of energy, on the total capacity installed in the national territory.

According to the decree, due to the peculiarities that have the projects to use the potential of solar, wind, geothermal energy and tidal (associated to the Tides), it becomes unfeasible to change of location from one place to another of this type of Projects. Since practically only some areas meet the technical requirements that make their operation possible, therefore it is not applicable to the requirement of environmental diagnosis of alternatives.

With the signature of the document, only the projects for the use of biomass for energy generation must present the DAA. For this type of project, it is possible to evaluate and compare different options that consider the geographical environment and its environmental and social characteristics, the comparative analysis of the effects and risks inherent to the work or activity, and of the possible Solutions and measures of control and mitigation for each one of the alternatives.

Currently, the ANLA evaluates eight solar and four wind energy projects. Last November the authority approved its first environmental license for the project “Generation of wind energy Alpha”, located in La Guajira.

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