What is Innovation?

Is it creating something new or improving what we have?

In order to understand the concept of product or service innovation, it is always necessary to start from the customer’s experience and needs. To be able to identify unsatisfied needs or real pains of the target customers is a methodological, creative, public relations and fluid communication work.

Online surveys allow you to explore experiences and satisfaction with the services or products offered. However, a personal approach will always be the most important source of detected opportunities.

When we talk about innovation, we don’t just mean creating things completely from scratch. Often the biggest innovations can come from small modifications to processes (e.g. digitization of processes) and to the scope of existing products and services.

Some examples of innovation

Where every employee can implement some change with impact on:

[icon_box align=”center” icon=”icon-edit” title=”Changing internal policies”]Simplifying or automating processes, to have more happy employees.[/icon_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]
[icon_box align=”center” icon=”hb-moon-watch” title=”Reducing times”]Attending the needs of customers, meeting expectations and response times.[/icon_box][/vc_column]
[icon_box align=”center” icon=”icon-lightbulb” title=”Implementing new ideas”]These may be new products or services, or changing information systems or production processes.[/icon_box][/vc_column]

Workshops and consulting

We offer a variety of educational programs, conferences and one-on-one mentoring to provide companies and investors with the expert guidance needed to succeed.

[hb_flip_box front_background_color=”#bf5d52″ back_background_color=”#5b6c7d” icon=”hb-moon-graduation” front_title=”Taller de Innovación Corporativa” front_desc=”Se brinda a los ejecutivos corporativos el conocimiento de las nuevas tecnoligias disponibles, cómo identificar y aprovechar las diferentes fuentes de innovación y cómo implementar un proceso de innovación abierta en sus empresas.” back_title=”Nuevas tecnoligias” back_desc=”La crisis generada por la pandemia hace que la capacidad de reaccionar oportunamente y adaptarse al cambio sea la única forma de sobrevivir.”]
[hb_flip_box front_background_color=”#bf5d52″ back_background_color=”#5b6c7d” icon=”hb-moon-file-check-2″ front_title=”Desarrollo de Protopipos” front_desc=”Ayudamos a las organizaciones a desarrollar nuevos productos, servicios y modelos de negocio, utilizando tecnologías de la cuarta revolución industrial.” back_title_size=”Prototipos Minimos Viables” back_desc=”Construimos modelos de negocio iniciales para evaluar el mercado y entender al consumidor real.

Construimos negocios mínimos viables en 90 días”]

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