Application of Machine Learning in Business Intelligence

According to the latest MIT report to which we had access, it clearly shows that the business world is already applying Machine Learning (ML) basically looking for competitive advantages: customer attraction, process digitalization, cost savings, among other objectives. In many cases this application is complemented by Big Data. As a way to improve your business intelligence

See the report here.

Machine learning result

According to the survey results, the majority of companies (60%) have already implemented machine learning strategies, and almost a third consider that they are at a mature stage with their initiatives. Reaching its targets by a 26. And they invest between 25 and 15 of their IT budget in this technology.

Another important fact to highlight is that respondents report that they have quickly achieved economic benefits by reaching an adequate ROI for their investment sooner than expected.

The most common projects among machine learning implementers include image recognition, classification and labeling (47%); emotion/behavior analysis (47%); text classification and mining (47%); and natural language processing, or NLP (45%).

Business Intelligence

The speed with which respondents can demonstrate ROI with their machine learning initiatives is also remarkable, which, as mentioned above, was not the case with big data analytics. Within the early stage group, more than half reported that they are beginning to see a demonstrable ROI, and within the group of the mature stage, more than half had a demonstrated ROI.

Big Data

In terms of technology adoption, almost half of respondents considered that their companies ‘ cultures are driven by innovation, with “agile, collaborative and innovative” cultures (49). On 24 He described his organizations as “believers”, that is, they are quick to adapt to new technologies, but they are still waiting for the general transformation. Another 18 sees their companies as “agnostic”, ie, interested in learning about new technologies, but cautious in making the changes, and the remaining 11 is considered “traditionalists”, generally with aversion to risk and with a tendency to use the Well-established standard technologies. With this data, it is easy to understand how the integration between Big Data and machine learning can bring many benefits to entrepreneurs.

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