Can machines really think with Artificial intelligence-AI?

We can say that imitating human traits and even interacting with humans does not mean that they are intelligent. Solving problems is limited to solving a system of equations with many variables, which requires a great computational capacity, but I don’t think that’s not intelligence. On the other hand, humans make mistakes and have emotions, computers do not! With this feature, Artificial Intelligence will quickly surpass humans! In that sense, computers will do much of the jobs of humans, better!

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In my opinion, technology will be introduced into society and we must all adapt. If machines do all the work we don’t like to do, our world will be a better place. For now, at Efinético we can help your company implement these tools to make routine work easier, focusing employees on thinking about the emotions of your customers, employees and suppliers. Contact us. Make an appointment and we’ll see what opportunities your business has.

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